The Pullen Law Office

 Founded in 2011

It is our policy and goal to help individuals and families struggling with debt. 

We look forward to serving you and guiding you through the process of bankruptcy.

Pullen Law Office, LLC

Our Vision

To be the leading, trusted and reliable law firm by excelling for our clients at every level. To serve as the local leader in the field of bankruptcy law. We strive to be the standard for excellence in the field of bankruptcy and debt resolution.

Mrs. Melody Pullen

Attorney specializing in bankruptcy and debt resolution

Bankruptcy Filing

Attorney Pullen currently helps her clients handle past debts, judgments and liens so that people can have a fresh start. She assists people in the filing of bankruptcy so that they can move on and work towards cleaning up their credit and being able to make major purchases again. She also volunteers her time assisting indigent clients at the bankruptcy court through their volunteer programs.

In the past, she has worked as an Assistant State Attorney for the Fifth Judicial Circuit of Florida, prosecuting misdemeanor and criminal traffic cases in Lake County, Florida. She handled every aspect of each case from evaluating the case, filing charges against the defendant, filing and defending motions, attending any other hearings and plea negotiations, and taking her cases to trial. 

Attorney Pullen has worked as a law extern for the Trial Division of the Department of Homeland Security in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, she conducted legal research for the trial attorneys. Discussed and evaluated issues with the Immigration Judges and attorneys. She also analyzed cases on behalf of the trial attorneys to determine their merits or deficiencies. 

Attorney Pullen also worked as a law clerk for the Juvenile Division of the State of Nevada and the Department of Family Services in Las Vegas, Nevada. She personally handled hundreds of cases pertaining to the Termination of Parental Rights. She diligently searched for the parents of each case using every available resource in order to satisfy the diligent search requirement in Termination proceedings. She then reviewed each case and compiled the data for the District Attorney prosecuting the Termination case.

Attorney Profile

Be the change you wish to see in the world. 

- Mahatma Gandhi

Attention to quality

The Pullen Law Office is comprised of a team of individuals, who share common values and who are devoted to providing the highest quality of legal services to its clients. Our firm strives for the prompt, efficient, and thoughtful care for each and every case. We acknowledges that we owe each of our clients individual allegiance and diligent representation, employing all appropriate legal means within the law to protect and enforce legitimate interests. Finally, our firm strives to protect and defend our clients regardless of the difficulty of the case.