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Bankruptcy Law

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     At the Pullen Law Office we specialize in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Law.  We have been in business for over ten years and have helped numerous individuals and couples maneuver through the complicated process of filing bankruptcy.

     We take pride in helping families gain a fresh start by eliminating medical debt, credit card debt, unwanted loans, stop lawsuits, collections calls and harassment from creditors.  We also help you save your home, car, and belongings.

     Pullen Law Office offers affordable prices and welcomes clients from ARAG and Metlife Legal plans.  Contact us today for a free consultation!

Our Business Focus


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Many individuals and families are finding themselves in debt, facing garnishment, lawsuits, and demanding creditors.  

Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws were created to stop the collections acts and help individuals and families to obtain a fresh start.  The laws were created to discharge (forgive) unsecured debts such as credit card and medical debts.  



Garnishment and Lawsuits

What if your bank account is being garnished or your wages at work are being threatened by garnishment?

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy process can help to stop or halt those lawsuits that are threatening your paycheck and your livelihood.

Contact our office for a free consultation to discuss your specific situation.  Our attorneys are available to answer your questions and help you get started!

It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.

-     Epictetus